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Battlestar galactica razor flashback 04 tvrip video. Razor is a television film of the reimagined battlestar galactica television series. Razor was an oasis for bsg fanswhen the doublelength episode aired in november 2007, it was the only new material broadcast during. Thetrailerarchives does not claim any right to these videos, we only wish to preserve the promotional videos to be watched by everyone. Battlestar galactica razor s best service, beyond reminding us why galactica is one of the best television shows on the air, is in filling in the storys historical gaps. Lee adama embarks on his first mission as commander of the battlestar pegasus. Were sorry but jwapp doesnt work properly without javascript enabled. Razor tells the untold story of pegasus and provides chilling clues to the fate of humanity as the final chapters of the battlestar galactica story unfold. Performances by the usual characters are outstanding as usual, but the supporting cast is magnificent as well. Dei due razor flashback presenti in italiano ed integrati nella versione dvd, qui uno e. On imdb tv, you can catch hollywood hits and popular tv series at no cost. Roughly four minutes apiece, they bridge the period between the season 2 finale episode and the season 3.

Battlestar galactica razor flashbacks h264 eng ac3 sub. Im assuming it wouldnt have the two tv movies since theyre sold separately, but might as well ask. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free. A scifi channel special event, battlestar galactica. Moore, the razor flashbacks, in contrast to both the resistance and the face of the enemy webseries, should technically be considered as featurettes. Razor feels like two episodes from the show stitched together as the action shifts around awkwardly in the. The blurb on the back of the dvd box sums up the schizophrenic plot. Use the search bar above or click on one of the sections below. Battlestar galactica razor flashbacks h264 eng ac3 sub ita tntvillage. The search and rescue mission changes when the crew discovers an old cylon ship with the first version of the humanoid cylons onboard. In the day 4,571 of the first cylon war, young william adama and jaycie mcgavin talk about the course of the conflict. Overall, this movie is a excellent addition to the pantheon of battlestar galactica. Is razor and the plan included in any of the complete series box sets.

On the eve of a devastating cylon attack, officer kendra shaw reports for duty on the battlestar pegasus. Plot a twohour battlestar galactica special that tells the story of the battlestar pegasus several months prior to it finding the galactica. Razor flashbacks are an online series that provides the story of a young william adamas nico cortez discovery of a cylon experiment during his time in the first cylon war. Battlestar galactica razor 2007 extended 720p bluray dts. Battlestar galactica movie reboot confirmed with first. Download this subtitles from our download location, see more details bellow. The minisodes were then packaged together with razor on dvd and also be available for download. Watch battlestar galactica razor flashback 04 tvrip ihatewheat on dailymotion. If you love the battlestar galactica universe, you will love this movie. Similar to the second season, it was split into two parts, each containing 10 episodes. It has all the good things which got me hooked to galactica in the first place. In the episodes a young viper pilot named william husker adama uncovers a cylon weapon during the first cylon war.

Battlestar galactica, qui in streaming anche per ipad e iphone, e una serie tv. Razor is a special 2hour movie event made for tv broadcast. Lengthy flashbacks take us back to the day of the original cylon attack on the colonies and we. The resistance is an online series that aims to fill in the gaps. Welcome to the first tv club writeup of battlestar galactica. Razor flashbacks is a collective title given to a series of seven webisodes released in late 2007 in lead up to the television movie battlestar galactica. Battlestar galactica season 4 ep 1 to 10 battlestar galactica the face of the enemy webisodes battlestar galactica season 4 ep 11 to 21 battlestar galactica the plan. Battlestar galactica 2003 razor flashbacks seven short episodes of aproximately two to three minutes were aired on the scifi channel each week as a prelude to the special twohour movie, battlestar galactica. Battlestar galactica razor 2007 part 1 of 15 movie watch f. Razor on the eve of a devastating cylon attack, officer kendra shaw reports for duty on the battlestar pegasus. Battlestar galactica tv series 1978 1980 2003 2010.

Edward james olmos, mary mcdonnell, katee sackhoff, jamie bamber, james callis, tricia helfer, grace park. It premiered in the united states on sci fi, in canada on the space channel and in the united kingdom on sky one. Flashbacks of adama discovering a lab housing the early cylon experiments on. But dont get too cozy, because thisll be the last one for a while. Razor chronologically takes place after episode 17 of the 2nd season and tells what happens on board the pegasus under the command of new captain lee adama. Battlestar galactica razor 720p vs 1080p full house korean. When mankinds future is forever changed on that fateful day, kendra is reshaped into a razor a tool of war under the ruthless guidance of her commander, admiral cain. Is razor and the plan included in any of the complete. The fourth and final season of the reimagined science fiction television series battlestar galactica premiered on the scifi channel in the united states on april 4, 2008, and concluded on march 20, 2009. Moore and his crew have given us a series of quickie. Battlestar galactica streaming ita e sub ita, tutti gli episodi anche per ipad e. Subtitles are sorted by relevance for searching keywords. The film presents an episode of the battle against the cylons seen through the eyes of the first aide of loony admiral cain. Razor is a television film of the reimagined battlestar.

The sci fi channel broadcasted a series of battlestar galactica minisodes during flash gordon leading up to the special broadcast of the twohour season four premiere, razor, on november 24, 2007. Comparison between the tv version and the extended version, which are both available on the unrated extended edition from universal. A series of webisodes that tell the story of william adama who as a youth uncovers a cylon experiment while serving in the first cylon war. Battlestar galactica tv the plan razor soundtrack cd details and availability.

When lee adama takes command of the battlestar pegasus he chooses kendra shaw, a protege of the. In fact, these flashbacks were cut out of the razor television movie due to time constraints, but. Battlestar galactica 2003razor flashback the tv iv. Battlestar galactica streaming serie tv eurostreaming. The resistance webisodes premiered september 5, 2006. Battlestar galactica razor battlestar galactica razor flashback webisodes. Hunting down a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or watch the felix alcaladirected movie via subscription. Razor own it on digital movies anywhere lets you seamlessly store your favorite movies in one place so you can watch them when and where you want. Home series battlestar galactica 2003 dvd order season 0 episode 5 razor 2 a continuation of razor, with a focus on kendra shaws point of view. The webisode series was written by michael taylor, and directed by wayne rose and felix alcala. Razor flashbacks is a collective title given to a series of seven webisodes released in late 2007 in lead up to the television movie. So, here it is, just in time to enjoy before sitting down to watch razor with a belly full of turkey and pumpkin pie. Razor tells the untold story of pegasus and provides chilling clues to the fate of humanity.

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