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Ok i found a great car restoration spreadsheet everyone. Parts that will require chrome plating should be stored separately from others for easy retrieval. Phaethons chariot is a startup auto restoration shop. The wr restoration planner willhoit auto restoration. This calculator is intended solely as a gauge for rough idea estimation of cost. Using restoration crm and project management software at jobnimbus, we have worked with industry experts in water mitigation to build a simple customer relationship management crm platform to support the needs of contractors all over the world. Eventhorizon specifically designed for car clubs, eventhorizon will help you track attendees, their cars, exhibitors, sponsors, hosts, and a variety of other things. Everybody loves a great looking classic car with perfect paint, chrome, reliable mechanics, and those periodstylebutcomfortable interiors made with all the right materials, and getting an old car back to its original classic condition is possible through a good restoration.

If youve owned the car for a while already, you may finally be getting to those things youve wanted to address for some time. The average classic car restoration takes about 1,000 hours to complete. For professional restoration shops, rod plan provides a means to track and report work on customer cars. Vehicle project planner free download and software. Consider the vehicle, the tools, the need for power outlets. Metalwork is the single most challenging aspect of the restoration of a 356, and forms the basis of the quality and durability of the completed car. The first one is a planning document, with allows you to fill out parts, part numbers, prices, and other important info to get an idea of what you need. Collector car companion makes it almost absurdly easy to keep track of your project just enter the part into your account and go from there.

My restoration is pretty involved, so there is a lot of information to keep track of. Car restoration and building is expensive and tricky. Straightedge auto restoration in idaho is a midsized shop that also used conventional time clock system and hand written notes to record work on custom vehicles. Restore has become a very loose term in the automotive restoration industry. For the weekend hobbyist, it may take several years to complete the same restoration project that a pro shop can complete in six months. This has also proven to be very valuable when selling a car. Purchasing a vehicle that requires restoration is an excellent way of laying your hands on a classic car and there are a large number of tasks that can be carried out without the need for professional help. If youre going to cut corners on a restoration, use vinyl instead of leather, or hold off on that trick engine rebuild, but dont compromise on metalwork. Underestimates underbid the costs of parts and services. Even if its not a complete restoration that youre contemplating, there are steps you should take that will let you document your. You will be removing the interior, body panels which also need to be stripped and stored as well as new replacement parts and panels. Proper planning of your next project could help you grasp what it will take to build your.

Starting a new or a first project vehicle is as exciting as learning to ride your first bike. Guide to planning your classic car restoration project. Starting a project car begins long before you even own the vehicle. Parking brake check and adjust hold on both wheels. When youre ready for your next classic car restoration diy project, head to the motor bookstore to find the car restoration guide for your make and model. For some, a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the car, a little rattle can paint on the engine, and cheap seat covers constitutes that the car has been restored. Vehicle project planner offers tracking tools that make such jobs restoring a classic automobile, or even just performing regular maintenance, is a tough job. Manage full restorations, tuneups, and anything in between. The project planning book, a 142 page manual written by stacey david, is a way to help you make decisions while building your project. Its not without challenges and frustrations, particularly if your car or bike is unusual, but the thought of driving your dream vehicle out of the garage or workshop will keep you going as you reassemble a huge engineering jigsaw. If you are a classic car restoration rookie, you may be wondering where to start.

Classic car restoration projects can quickly become obsessions. Taking on the seemingly immense task of performing a full ground up restoration of a collector car can seem daunting. Restoring a classic car is a labor of love that will bring years of enjoyment to you and your family. According to straightedge, prior to klokwork, our techs wrote down hours and work detail in a notebook throughout the day. Anyone used auto restoration assistant software before. There is software available to help you plan your restoration project. Vehicle project planner offers tracking tools that. Automotive restoration cost calculator kiddys classics. Parts of it were chromed that werent in production, paint was not an original color offered, and it had a crate engine in it.

You might not think so, looking at glitzy, milliondollar auctions on cable tv, but classic car restoration is in danger of becoming a lost art, according to david madeira, president and ceo of. A decent ballpark for a total restoration is hours labor. In order to provide guidance for the process of restoring automobiles for. Ive read about auto restor, and have heard there are a couple of other. Planning and tracking a restoration is a big project, but weve created 2 free tools you can download to help keep your project on track. It is our desire that the process of restoring your car will be an enjoyable and satisfying one. Project car planner how to plan for a future project car. But insuring your business against loss need not be. Proper planning of your next project could help you grasp what it will take to build your dream car or what you need to be looking for in your next ride. Restoration managers demo version limits the user to a single project and 10 parts.

Restoring a classic automobile, or even just performing regular maintenance, is a tough job. The ultimate space for a project is at least a 2car garage or equivalent space with a roof. No online calculator can appropriately gauge both the condition of a vehicle and the aptitude of the restorer. Car restoration and bike restoration is an immensely rewarding activity. Organize your projects, catalog parts, file photos, track costs. Computers along with software have a useful purpose in the restoration process. You would not embark on a house extension or an office or factory move without professional project management to ensure. To restore a car successfully it requires careful planning, plenty of research, setting a timeline and deciding if youre going to do. Its not the fun part, but essential to every restoration. Auto restoration estimation calculator getting a rough idea of the cost to restore a project. Just click the link below and on the guys first post at the bottom he has the download for the doc.

This is perfect if you want to document your restoration but you need microsoft office. Our selection covers restorer and collector favorites with everything for maintenance and custom modifications to your 1968 ford f250, 1970 chevy corvette, or 1977 harley davidson low rider. The ultimate space for a project is at least a 2 car garage or equivalent space with a roof. From stripping the frame to be blasted and replated to cleaning every nut and bolt, you are looking at a big expense. When creating the project in restoration manager you can either use the template to create groups you can add, delete and. Car and bike restoration software restore your car or. Dont think about writing a check or getting your hands greasy until you plan properly. Organization tips during car restoration second chance garage. When looking your car over and developing a restoration plan, cover all of the things you noticed when you bought the car and then some. In retrospect it is not too difficult to see where the budget went awry. Collector car companion will generate a unique part number, enabling you to track your parts easily. Rusty, accident damaged cars can be very expensive to restore, and a car that has missing parts especially rare models that must be sourced can add many hours to the restorers job. My alfa will get a nut and bolt restoration and i think your software could be handy for this.

The company is engaged in the restoration of 1970 and earlier american cars, and the building of custom hot rods. The first goal in a car restoration is to build a project plan that you will use to adjust the main elements of cost and schedule until your plan. Guide to planning your classic car restoration project 262014 2. Our tests also highlight a need for a field to connect directly to supplier catalog listings. After purchasing your project car or truck, work space, tools, supplies and cash layout come next. Classic car restorers dragon2000 have worked closely with vehicle restorers to ensure that our software is flexible enough to suit their specific requirements. Of course, this is just a ballpark, and your project could cost more or less depending on the car. The company is engaged in the restoration of old american cars, and the designing and building of hot rods, and street rods. Discussion in project progress started by septur, jul 28, 2012. Phaethons chariot restorations restores classic pre1970. Grundy offers our legendary protection for collector cars to the shops that restore and build them. Phaethons chariot restorations automobile restoration business plan market analysis summary. In particular, dragondms allows multiple stage jobs to cater for monthly invoicing of long term projects. Organization tips during car restoration documenting your project as you go.

Over time, ill try and get these bad photobucket links corrected. Software can be valuable for planning as well as estimating and tracking your costs. Keep a project plan, plan your work, work the plan. An old car restoration will require a minimum space of a two car garage. The software consists of a user friendly database used to keep track of all aspects of your restoration project. The popular restorations project car is a good example of how quickly a car restoration can go over budget the original offthecuff restoration estimate turned out to be half the final cost. The top car restoration and truck restoration projects. Diy car restoration classic car restoration step by. Track your vehicle maintenance and repair expenses with this accessible spreadsheet template, suitable for household use or for a fleet of business vehicles. Body work and rust repair is the majority of our work. Rusty, accident damaged cars can be very expensive to restore, and a car that has missing.

Automobile restoration business plan sample market analysis. Use with any vehicle car, truck, bike, boat, plane, rv, etc. The success of your auto restoration project depends largely on how well you plan before you pick up a single tool. Planning for restoration car and bike restoration software. Computers are useful but they cant turn a wrench or clean a part. Page 2 fan shroud fan controller coolant thermostat hoses. If you ever have restored a classic car or any other classic vehicle, than you probably know how challenging such projects can be. Auto restoration software general discussion antique. With easy restoration we want to develop a software, that helps you make a restoration easy our software cant take over your restoration work, but it can help you to proceed in a structured way, to document well and to give you a permant overview over your. If its your first time using the software take a look at the quick start guide first there is a pdf version installed with restoration manager. Vehicle restoration planning w free printable checklist. Klokwork saved the cost of 1 fulltime employee annually.

Automobile restoration business plan sample company. The ultimate classic car restoration guide deans auto glass. Vehicle project planner was designed to help the weekend mechanic or the professional autorestoration shop track vehicle projects in a great level of detail. When tackling such a large and important project, the best place to start is with a plan. Many companies offer a free trial download that allows you to try out the software before you commit to purchasing it. An old car restoration will require a minimum space of a twocar garage. Restoration preparation costs if you are planning to create a show car, there is a lot of restoration to do that you might not be thinking of. And if its an original engine in a classic car, you may consider not even trying to start it, and instead make plans to remove it from the car and rebuild it. We understand the liabilities you face not only when you build a car, but also when the proud owners of your creations put them on the road. They dont replace the brain, just gets some of the drudge work out of the way to help you. Document your collector, classic, antique, and custom vehicles. Phaethons chariot has recently rented a new stateoftheart restoration shop, located at 510 w. Restoring old cars is a big new business that is short of. How to start a mustang restoration project step by step.

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