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Boxset offense coachs clipboard basketball coaching. Simplified swing offense for high school basketball pg. The point guard, o1, can initiate the offense to either the right or left side. We teach this as a progression with recognition of three different types of spots on the floor.

Basketball plays for the 3out,2in motion offense, coach. Unlike motion offense, the 14 high offense allows players to learn the system quickly and there is such a diversity of options that you can take advantage of what your players can do well. At anytime, a player with the ball can back out dribble, or lateral dribble to either the high or top areas on the floor and the other players then reset in their spots. The freak defense is a modified triangleandtwo or boxandone, depending on how you implement it into your defensive arsenal. The kentucky 14 high offense basketball championship.

In this diagram, o1 starts by dribbling to the right. The video attached shows you the different alignments you can start the set with from a 14 high, pin. Fred hoiberg iowa state cyclones 14 high offense post shot. Free basketball plays created with basketball playbook. Slicecut continuity motion offense carves up defenses. I have turned this post into a printer friendly pdf. From this boxset you can run numerous set plays, or easily flow into the horns set, or the 14 high, 122, or 3out 2in sets. In the second option, 5 passes to 4 instead of 1 flaring to the wing. There are dvdsvideos with special plays for motion offenses, 4out 1in offense, 14 high offense, flex offense, pick and roll offense, and others. And yes, you can have plays for early offense, blobs, slobs, etc. Connecticut womens chin series basketball coach geno auriemma youtube. Wing players can set up their man by flashing to the ball then utilizing a back screen from a post player, or curl in front of the screen if the player tries to fight through.

The play starts with o3 making a baseline cut to the right corner, while o1 passes to o2 diagram a below. The overload set up puts the defense in a disadvantage. Attached are five 14 high set plays from when tubby smith was the head coach for the kentucky wildcats. It works best if you have your two best overall athletes and your best ontheball defender on the floor at the same time. Fastdraw this is what coach hamilton had to say about the press attack. Post players should be on the wings of the 14 high. Izzo double down screen 1 3 2 4 5 5 pops out receives entry pass from 1, 4 sets flare for 1 zone play izzo double down screen 5 1 4 3 2 ball is reversed from 5 to 4 to 1 on wing, three sets backscreen for.

No doubt the people of kentucky think that adolph rupp invented it. Kentucky turn out play provides some opportunities early for quick scoring offense while still allowing for a standard offensive flow to happen. The disciples of the dribble drive motion offense believe in getting to the rack or looking for the 3 ball. This post, ill be sharing some of the drills used by coach geno for the uconns women basketball team. The 14 offense tends to flatten the defense, and with the empty space under the basket, is ideal for backcuts to the hoop, especially from the wing. Like all patterned offenses, the 14 high offense has the tendency to be easily scouted. The art of running set plays and scoring more points.

Tubby smith kentucky wildcats 14 high set plays by wes kosel. The 1 offense is a simple offensive set, easy to learn, with good spacing, a high. The boxset is very adaptable to almost any offense. Understanding rick barnes texas basketball offense. At the same time, 2 cuts down to the opposite low post.

Basketball plays from top college basketball coaches. The 4out 1in motion offense also known as 41 is one of the most popular and versatile basketball offenses in todays game at all levels. As always with 14 offense sees the defence pulled away from the basket and having to play higher in the half court or risk offensive players being left open for longrange shots. Motion offense is not, as some people perceive, a freelance offense but an offense of rules which is a reflection of each individual coaches philosophy. It starts with the two wing perimeter players o2 and o3 starting on the low blocks, and the post players o4 and o5 starting at the elbows, with o1 on the top. The 14 high is named as such because we put the point guard up top on his own, the shooting guard and small forward at the free throw line extended on the wings, and the power forward and center up at each elbow the high post area, where the free throw line and lane line connect. The 4 out 1 in motion offense is for personnel that can play 4 players outside and have 1 player in the post. The 14 high continuity is an effective zone offense to employ against oddfront zones such as the 122. It is particularly effective for a team that lacks height.

Notes by scott bullock jerry petitgoue dribble motion offense. Raider 14 high offense this play starts and ends in the 14 high set, and therefore has continuity, and could be run as a halfcourt offense, rather than just a play. Running these alternate flex entries from the 14 set creates favorable spacing versus defenses that may be clogging the lane against your traditional flex spacing. This is a press break you can use against a 1211 zone press. After 3 clears the screen, 5 steps out for a 3point shot. Geno auriemma 14 high offense complete guide coachbase. The top 25 plays of 2018 uconn ncaaw hand off entry into highlow zone offense. Page 8 of 96 official basketball rules 2018 january 2019 2. The freak defense slows opposing offenses winning hoops. As the game evolved, hes now using a 14 high stack offense based on triangle principles. So much so, that im told that a lot of varsity coaches began running 14 sets. Positionless basketball is based on three principles.

The video is a clinic he is giving on what he calls full court offense. Fred hoiberg iowa state cyclones 14 high offense wide. I put together some notes from a nike clinic and a fiba assist article showing a couple of plays out of the 14, one high, and one low. Kentucky pattern offense each of these offenses can be used as a. Last post, we covered coach geno auriemmas 14 high offense. If 1 doesnt have an open shot he or she looks to pass the ball inside to 5. Cross 4 5 2 3 1 if 3 has no open shot, he dribbles towards the wing 1 comes off of a baseline screen from 4 5 posts up hard on the block 4 then flashes to the high post looking to get the ball from 3 5 2 4 3 1 with the ball at the high post, 4 can look to. How many players are we going to send to the offensive glass. You can play 5out, 3out 2in, 14 high, or whatever formations work best for your team. Therefore your players must be disciplined in the concepts of shot. The post player can be a traditional low post, post up player or a post player who can step to the top of the key and shoot the ball. You can imagine some simple things, like o1 passing to a high post player, and then the wings o3 and o2 backcutting to the hoop for the pass from the high post.

Last few years his teams have averaged 90 plus points per game. Dean smith north carolina 14high offense offense zone frame 1 north carolina zone post entry 1 3 5 4 2 x1 x4 x5 x2 x3 in this play against a 1zone defense, 1 passes to 4 at the high post, then moves to the wing. This manual contains material protected under international and federal. Offensively, the ducks have always been an uptempo team, and in the halfcourt, they run a lot of 14 high or 14 low sets. You can also find out more about fastmodel play diagramming software by clicking this link. If the backscreen isnt open 3 cutting off of a screen from 4, 5 passes to 1 on the wing. Since the continuity of the offense requires all five players to play all positions, small players in the post can take bigger opponents outside and smaller players who know how to play the post can take.

This offense also is effective against teams that overplay deny the pass to the wing which makes them more vulnerable to the backcut. Simplified swing offense for high school basketball. Start in a 14 high alignment, with an entry pass to the wing. Uconn high low zone offense hand off entry randy sherman 022018.

A fourout, onein offense thats simple, and thats why its so effective for middle and high school basketball programs. The 14 low basketball drill basketball coach weekly. Basketball offense, 14 high stack offense and plays. Steve smith is the head basketball coach at the prestigious oak hill academy in virginia. Teach your players how to read if a defender goes underneath or a defender tries to chase as this will make a difference in how they want to use a. Utilize your post players on the perimeter by having them screen out. Offensive coaching tips and highlow basketball offense system. One famous high school coach had a good name for this offense when. As the 14 high continues to be a staple of playbooks, the 14 low offers multiple scoring options for teams showing patience why use this basketball dribbling play there are four legitimate scoring opportunities from this single set starting with a dribble entry and replacement. If the offense is not correctly taught it can result in disorganised freelance basketball. Basketball offense 14 high offense, coachs clipboard. Coach petitgoue disagrees with this philosophy and likes the 15 foot jumper as well.

John calipari 14 high set plays below are 6 plays in a pdf of 14 high set plays from coach calipari. Get three of geno auriemmas sets for the 14 high offense. In the 4 1 motion offense, the perimeter players space outside the lane greenyellow area while the. This article outlines 3 flex offense entries from the 14 high offensive set. Well executed, you create a 3on2 offense advantage with a chance for a layup. Smith is now the head coach at texas tech where he looks to turn around the red raiders program. As the name suggests, this offense consists of 4 players spaced out behind the threepoint line and 1 post player inside. If 5 doesnt have a shot, he looks to pass inside to 2.

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